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Relationships are a big focus for you today, Aries—both personal and professional.

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An important shift needs to take place, especially in how you relate to the public. Your friends are here to help you. The moon in Libra encourages you to focus on self-care.

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If you don't have the time to tackle your chores, it's worth removing some tasks from your to-do list today. The moon is in fellow air sign Libra today, Gemini, finding you in a flirtatious mood—at least until some drama takes place! Big emotions are in the air.

Virgo Health & Wellness Horoscope

A passionate energy is flowing. Today, it's important that you reflect on boundaries, privacy, and security—especially in your partnerships.

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As tense as the energy is right now, you'll find yourself working through complicated emotions easily. An intense energy around communication flows today, but you and your partners will find a productive way to work with whatever news arrives.

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Stay open-minded. The moon is in Libra, the sign of balance, today, and you need to find balance in your spending. A change needs to take place today—if not around how you spend your cash, then in how you spend your time and energy. Virgo women are more likely to fall into inexplicably sad conditions or depression.

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  4. You will have the feeling that you are missing something or someone; that you do not what you want to do, but only what you have to. Men will be optimistic about this sign, probably due to the positive development of certain events or relationships.

    Virgo monthly horoscope - October 12222

    During the week you will have important conversations, meetings or experiences related to people born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Virgo Weekly Horoscope 30 September - 6 October, If you were born under the sign of Virgo, this week new or old problems will provoke you to make a decision that you may have postponed until now or act more categorically in the situation you are in.

    Do not be self-righteous or not taking advice this week if you are involved in litigation. During these seven days you will have interesting love meetings and experiences. Some of you will be able to talk about important issues related to the future.

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    Romantic relationships with a partner who lives or works in another city or country will go through a particular development. They will depend entirely on your individual characteristics. This week you will have a dream or other strong experience related to a person from Beyond. It may upset or confuse you with a message or experience.

    During the week you will have a phone call or other engagement with a woman with whom you have had a difficult relationship in the past. Virgo women let be more active and mobilized this week.