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Getting away to quiet places together often is a good idea. Scorpio is a water sign like Pisces, so you share the same element. Like you, Scorpios often have to return to places near water to renew themselves and prepare again to take on the world. This person is intense, and sometimes he or she can even get a little paranoid.

If your Scorpio seems withdrawn, gently press them to talk to you. Expressing his or her disjointed feelings may help your lover make sense of the situation. Scorpios are a confident sign and will urge you to stand up for yourself. They go crazy when they see others take advantage of their Pisces. Financial shrewdness is also a strong asset of Scorpios, something Pisces will benefit from learning.

Your union with Scorpio therefore, will bolster the sides of you that need strength.

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Scorpio will expand your entire spectrum of feeling. Leos can inspire the courage that Pisces need to develop within themselves. In return, Pisces give Leos a lesson in subtlety — something the Lion often misses. Leos, however, need plenty of adoring attention. Pisces are a mutable and therefore a flexible sign.

But Leos are a fixed sign, and can sometimes seem arrogantly stubborn. Pisces give more than Leos do, yet Leos are loyal and very generous. Your Leo will shower you with gifts and frequent nights on the town, so life will certainly be fun.

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Sexually, Leos want to be adored and Pisces are often happy to comply. Pisces, the more low-key and submissive sign, enjoy a powerful and confident partner, while Leos will love the romantic rituals, which attend to the tiniest erogenous zones, imaginative Pisces can create. The person who loves you will be a lucky soul, for your life together will be filled with magic and stardust. You are a visionary, a dreamer, and your relationship will be the little piece of heaven you build together against a sometimes-harsh world.

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